This scenery was started to fully explore the new options of FSX and with the task create the most realistic small scenery possible. A lot of experimenting was done to find the best way to use the options of FSX and although compromises had to be accepted the resulting scenery is the most detailed we have ever released. It redefines photo realistic scenery. The features speak for themselves but the screenshots tell the real story. They show the loving attention and professional quality that went into this product.

Helgoland consists of two small islands on Germany's northern coast. It has a rich and varied history but they might still be unknown to many people. Don't let this distract you from taking a look at this scenery because you will see some things you have not yet seen before. In this way this scenery is a lot like Lukla - Mt Everest that many people bought to see what was possible at that time.

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LimeSim was responsible for these parts in this project:
M-R-Software (main island 3D objects, static aircraft models)
Specific 3D Design (German navy frigate, tourist ship and static aircraft models)
Flyways (Mission Scripting)
Aerosoft (Mission Sounds, Installer and Publishing)