German Airfields 1 - Island Hopping

Not yet compatible to Prepar3D 4.x

Fly tourists to the Frisian island Sylt and then follow the chain of small islands along the East Frisian coast. Or fly the daily mail run to the small islands, even if the weather over the North Sea shows its ugly side. German Airfields 1 - Island Hopping is the perfect environment for your flight adventures.

Perfectly compatible to other Aerosoft sceneries (VFR Germany, German Airports). This is the third release of the ‘German Airfields’ series, created by the best designers. German Airfields cover the best known GA airfields and smaller regional airports.

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LimeSim was responsible for these parts in this project:
M-R-Software (Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Spiekeroog, Langeoog, Wangerooge,
   Harle, Norden-Norddeich, AI traffic, static aircraft models)
Flyways (Borkum, Bremerhaven, Emden, Wilhelmshaven, Mission Scripting)
Rainer Pörsch (3D objects St. Peter-Ording)
Hartmut Grundt (3D objects and placements Wyk/Föhr)
Specific 3D Design (static aircraft models)
Aerosoft (Mission sounds, Installer and Publishing)