German Airfields 2 - Nordlichter

Not yet compatible to Prepar3D 4.x

Not only does this scenery give you 15 new high detailed airports, it also will give you a large area to explore. From the major cities Kiel and Hamburg to the complete detailed coastline. From flying passengers to Helgoland to SAR mission from the major base at Kiel airport.

Perfectly compatible to other Aerosoft sceneries (VFR Germany, German Airports). This is the number four of the 'German Airfields' series, created by the best designers. German Airfields cover the best known GA airfields and smaller regional airports.

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LimeSim was responsible for these parts in this project:
Flyways (Kiel-Holtenau, Hartenholm, Flensburg-Schäferhaus, Schleswig-Kropp,
   Neumünster, Rendsburg-Schachtholm, SAR-Base Kiel, AI traffic (land, air and
   sea), Mission Scripting and Sounds)
Team Arne Ehlers/Sacha Lindenberg (Stade, Neustadt/Glewe, Wismar,
   static gliders, 3D trees)
Dirk Brandenburg (Ambhibian airport Hamburg-Norderelbe)
Specific 3D Design (static aircraft models)
Aerosoft (Installer and Publishing)