LimeSim Airfields - EDKI Betzdorf-Kirchen

Prepar3D 4.x not yet tested, propably limited compatibility

The LimeSim Airfields is a new airfield series covering smaller to medium sized airfields done by the well-known developer who also worked on projects like "VFR Germany", "German Airfields" and created "LuklaX – Mount Everest".

About the airfield
Betzdorf-Kirchen is a rather small but difficult airfield in the Westerwald forrest between Siegen and Cologne. Like many smaller airfields in Germany’s Mittelgebirge (central mountain range) it has a sloped runway so you won’t see the other end of the runway before accelerating and taking off.

The airfield’s one grass runway is 500 meters short and is located on a ridge meaning that the terrain drops at each end of the runway. This scenery comes with a high resolution mesh terrain to make it even more realistic.


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