LimeSim Airfields - EDLH-Hamm Lippewiesen

Prepar3D 4.x not yet tested, propably limited compatibility

The LimeSim Airfields is a new airfield series covering smaller to medium sized airfields done by the well-known developer who also worked on projects like "VFR Germany", "German Airfields" and created "LuklaX Ė Mount Everest".

About the airfield
Hamm-Lippewiesen is one of very few intra-city airports in Germany. It is only a few hundred meters north of the city, only divided from it by the Lippe river. The airfield is a regional training centre for PPL, ultra light and gliders. Furthermore there are two helipads that are used commercially or in emergencies when the surrounding hospitals canít be approached due to bad weather.
The runway has a length of 900 meters, of which 620 meters are paved. There is a commercial park right in the 06 approach, including a well-known fast-food chain shortly before touchdown. Because the airport is surrounded by residential areas, the traffic circuit is rather large for noise reduction.


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